像是Boa、Chemistry、AI、Crystal Kay、Dragon Ash、Emily、Diggy-MO(靈魂出竅的主唱)等等...


DJ play that music louder, 願

*二人 I miss you
近 Boy I miss you
少 baby (the cold crush lover is here)
 maybe (the 流星's flowin this year)
氣變前rock with you
今日 with you
朝 Uh Uh Uh in this atmosphere

Don't know why this love gotta be 
I'm the 宇宙Super lover 
Don't know why this beat
Gotta be so fly with 領平melody. Now listen

I don't know why 君基準
high 何so uptight
Baby don't you know

I don't know why間 迷
態度 is that ?
cash or card 金買何
與 she always says no
I gave her this, I gave her that
夢diamond rings are not forever
name anything,宇宙船 that blings
just anything 月光
so baby come close to me

Ooh,baby can't you see
 this is my 氣持
Ooh tell me, tell me cuz 限度
好buy  la la la la la la
Ooh, you say that you miss me
but call
Ooh, 教so I can do it right
So tonight, you and I can just uh uh


One... Tokyo minute見love
I gotta lotta of it ma dynamite 爆發 love
君HOT! HOT!...?
cafe mocha HOT! HOT!...誰振向jealousy
  She killin me la la la
 like Stevie, signed sealed 
好事 do it baby 口紅  can we
 二人rock rock? If you don't mind

Ooh I'll tell you what whis is all about
Your money 買
(Oh!) 見見your 微笑
and hear your melody
la la la la la la
How can I can I 傳?
Just spend some time with me
時間so please
二人 gotta be
gotta be? loving and huggin and uh uh


DJ play that music louder, 願
Ooh How You Like Me Now, 2013年 m-flo lovin' us now
La La 聞Come and get me
No, cuz this ain't no joke, you deserve it all, and I'm treating you right girl!

The way I'm livin' is 5 stars 淒large
超未來 御期待
Girl, you my type...what's your 名前?
止 pull over!
Throw ya hands up in the air 晚
Girl 流星feelin Uh
瞳  because
I'm bound to wreck your body and say turn the party out
I'm bound to wreck your body and say turn the party out
I'm bound to wreck your body and say turn the party out

Tell me why 違行?
(why don't we kiss no more)
 2人
(so far apart, tell me)
baby girl?
(Uh, How you feelin me now?)
We should be vibin' forever

*Repeat X2


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